Letting It Go

Knowing about God
And following His Son
Are two distinct things
There is truly nothing
More fulfilling than Jesus
For the joy that Jesus brings

But far too often
I find myself conflicted
Between two opposing plans
When pleasures of the world
Choke the promises of the Word
I’m back where I began

I fall short
I confess
But to repent means so much more
My heart wants
To be sanctified
But my body is not always sure


In this world and the next
Heaven is where Jesus resides
But sometimes faith
Feels like a checklist
That I adhere to half of the time

Romans instructs us
Psalms inspires us
Jesus is our model and guide
He is Lord and Saviour
Of my very being
So why do I still live a lie?

Fruit of the spirit
The Beatitudes
But there’s one sin that sinks me deeper still

Just this one,
You’re still His child
Is the lie that Satan can tell
But if Jesus and sin
Could coexist
Then Satan, you’re a child of Jesus as well!

I long to get better
Through study and prayer
So that it’s easier to simply say no
To pride that distracts me
And ambition that consumes me
And the sexual sin
That I have yet
To let

This poem was submitted anonymously to our editors to publish.