Build Your City


Build Your city.
Break down the towers of our pride.
Apart from You,
we take poisonous bites out of the Big Apple,
slip into Sin City’s seduction,
curse each other in the City of Brotherly Love,
become drunk on the laziness of the Big Easy,
pretend not to hear You over roar of the Windy City,
and summon demons in the City of Angels.

And we do it all
because our sinful hearts would rather be lost
than admit that they need You.
We do it all
to make a name for ourselves,
rejecting the one that You have given us.
You call us Yours.
It is by Your grace and justice
That our empires crumble with the ages.
Your reign is eternal.

Break down the towers of our pride.
Humble us, dear God.
Teach us to submit to Your will
because even the cracks in the sidewalk
long to be filled with Your glory.
Instill in our redeemed hearts
the desire to be Yours.
Build Your city,
the New Jerusalem.

Kyra Dawkins (CC ’20) is from Cleveland, Ohio, something made very apparent by the vast amount of Cleveland Cavaliers gear in her wardrobe. She is very interested in neurology, psychology, education, and Christian theology. She is known as the Queen of Veggietales Karaoke in her family and tends to spontaneously burst into song.