soul silence


In addition to our weekly blog posts, Crown & Cross publishes a semesterly print issue, a compilation of 8 to 12 pieces based around a singular theme. To increase their circulation, our website will publish new pieces each week as individual essays in a thematic series. This semester’s weekly series will be titled “God and the City,” the theme of our most recent print issue. Below is the third of eight installments.

By Afua Addo

in the city i walk through subways
and one-ways.
in the city i see a path,
countercurrent and quiet.
but my soul sounds like
this city i walk through and
i can no longer tell
the difference between
it and me, me and it
i can no longer hear a
difference anymore and
we sound the same. for
the city has molded me
into its busy streets and
movement, has molded me
to look like i know
where i am going, and has
molded its people to appear
as though they are fulfilling
their purposes. but in the
i find this is not the case.

where can one go if their
soul has yet to find a place
without these busy streets,
without movement.
how can you recognize a
silent soul when the world
will not let it speak? what
does it mean to look at
your life, your soul and
ask for stillness? because
the moment you remove
yourself in quiet time the
still small voice becomes
more clear, illuminated in
the darkness that is chaos.
you ask, how can one close
their eyes and see more clearly?
how can one cover their ears,
and experience a silence that
is louder than the city itself,
one that is comforting and
clarifying for those who
believe? to be still and be at peace
when buildings are falling
and people are dying, when
sirens are blaring and
traffic is not merciful.
and as you press on in faith,
you will find that you are
not in the city any more,
because this kind of faith
transcends every location,
and in every place you can find
soul silence.

this is a picture
of faith in the city. it is one that
hangs delicately on the wall
and draws no attention
to itself, it only waits to
be seen.

Afua Addo (CC ’20) is a Neuroscience Major with a passion for the outdoors and good music. In the future, she hopes to find ways of traveling around the world and learning many languages while also pursuing her work in the medical field. She was born in Massachusetts, and her love for God is something she hopes becomes clear in her writing and everyday life.