A Call for All

PC: Unsplash

PC: Unsplash

In addition to our weekly blog pieces, Crown & Cross publishes a semesterly print issue, a compilation of 9 to 12 pieces based around a singular theme. Since these pieces represent some of our best work, we want to give them greater circulation. So, starting this semester, our blog will post a new piece each Wednesday as individual essays in a thematic series. This semester’s weekly series will be titled “The Great Commission,” the theme of our most recent print issue. Below is the eighth of ten installments.


The Father sent His Son to Earth as sacrifice and teacher

A lamb to lose His life so ours could be saved,

A man meant to love all—poor, sick, and depraved

On Earth the Son was carpenter, friend, and preacher

Fully human, fully divine

Now gone from earth but present still in bread and wine

The Son was friend to all and brother to twelve

For three years He lived amongst these fishermen

He changed their trade and made them fishers of men

He taught them how to live for more than themselves

To preach repentance and forgiveness

And tell others of their true witness

“Go, therefore” was the commandment of the Lord

The fishers cast aside their nets and took up their crosses

Their mission about much more than mere wins or losses

A life continued with Him in Heaven is the great reward

And all who hear His name are called to come aboard

To love others as ourselves and tell them of our Lord.
Kenna Arana (CC ‘17) is a Columbia College senior majoring in English Literature and concentrating in Hispanic Studies. She was born and raised in sunny Southern California, which left her with a complete lack of understanding about how to dress for New York weather. Above all, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends and hopes to share God’s abundant love with others.