Mourning Glory



sustain me through

these moonless nights.

There are no stars

to guide me.



hide me

in your sanctuary.

The future,

the nebulous mystery,

has gripped my mind

in an obscurity

and collapsed my heart

into doubt and insecurity.


Who knows my name?


I open my mouth

to cry out

to you.

Do you not hear my pleas?

Are they consumed?

In the darkness,

I try

to raise my hands to you,

but my arms are seized.

The enduring fog

crawls through

the spaces between my fingertips

and presses down

on my lungs.

May the death of

your faithful servant be

precious in your sight.



see no blemish in me.

Show me that place

my eye has not seen,

that place no mind has




who raises me up and

lights my path,

bring me

from glory to glory.