Jesus Wept

PC: Unsplash

PC: Unsplash

In addition to our weekly blog pieces, Crown & Cross publishes a semesterly print issue, a compilation of 9 to 12 pieces based around a singular theme. Since these pieces represent some of our best work, we want to give them greater circulation. So, starting this semester, our blog will post a new piece each Wednesday as individual essays in a thematic series. This semester’s weekly series will be titled “The Great Commission,” the theme of our most recent print issue. Below is the second of ten installments.


A lot.

Rivers and oceans whirled in His eyes
threatening to break free from the shores of His eyelids
and they did.
They did for people who were undeserving of His tears,
of His sadness overflowing, of His pain heart-wrenching,
mirroring the blood that spilled from His body for us like tears themselves.
With His own body He wiped clean our debts,
washed away our iniquities with every return of the tide.
These tears, these oceans and rivers of flowing water and blood,
are proof of the pain He endured, a pain that we will never know.
And who can pay Him back for this? Who is worthy of His forgiveness?
Who can return His tears to Him?
Not you. Not I. Not anyone.

Please refrain from searching for these tears.
Please refrain from searching for what you are not meant to look.

Instead, search for what you can find.
Search for those whom He has placed on the earth for you to look,
for only when the lost are found can they be welcomed back with arms
Transgressions forever forgiven and debts paid in full.
Do not forget that there is no distance too far
that one can travel without being welcomed home.
But forget the past and keep in your heart the memory
of what it was like to be
so you can have compassion for those who have yet to be found.
For we are all broken parts of the same body, trying to find our way back
together, parched souls in need of one another.
So who can say that one is more valuable than the other? Or
that one is more thirsty, more deserving of His tears or His blood?

Please go out into the world of tears and bring each other home from sea.
Do so with a heart barren of pride and judgment for
not you, not I, not anyone can say who is worthy or who is not.
Bring those who are drowning in waves of darkness up for air
and into the light, so that He will smile
and weep for us with joy next time.

Afua Addo (CC ’20) is a Neuroscience major with a passion for the outdoors and good music. In the future, she hopes to find ways of traveling around the world and learning many languages while also pursuing her work in the medical field. She was born in Massachusetts, and her love for God is something she hopes becomes clear in her writing and everyday life.