We have the Love of God

Photo Credit - Lilian Chow

Photo Credit – Lilian Chow

Brotherly love is sacrifice,
It is seeing beyond yourself and caring about others
It is adding that sweet spice to the lives of your brothers
It is the kind of love that animals can easily show
Yet in man, it fails to grow, it fails to grow

Forbidden love is bittersweet
It’s like a furnace, full of heat
Intense and wild, scary and mild
Gives you giggles
Sometimes jiggles
But keeps you wanting more, keeps you wanting more

Unrequited love is like a sore
So red and fleshy, glaringly raw
It stings and hurts and kills many a heart
Especially when you know it’s doomed from the start
To wait or to move on? To cry or to move on?

Unmerited love is free and special
It’s from above; indeed, it’s celestial
It heals and cures and brings a smile
It is totally worthwhile
How many want this love? This love indeed is special!

What is love?
I have searched for it in its purest form
It is not borne of man, nor at the crack of dawn
It is divinely and indescribably inherent of our God
Who made us in his image, like the bean plant springing from its pods

Just as the Holy Book states
God is indeed love, and love is God
It is through His eyes that we learn to adore
All the works of the universe
It is through His endless love that we encounter Him
It is through brotherly love that we emulate Him
It is through genuine love that we become one with Him

Many long for all these kinds of love
But selfishness and hatred has made it hard to see
Listen my brother, for we are not our possessions
We are not our obsessions

We are one under the Son of man
We are like a dove flying up above
We are love

Indeed, we have love, the love of God