So Help Me God: or, You’re Welcome, Mr. Citizen: Part 4

Part 4

You can call me a murderer if you’d like.
Go ahead. Take the Word out of context
And use The Commandments to indict me.
But don’t just ignore the Gospel.
After all, don’t it say that only The Lord
Can place souls on the scales of justice
And declare them condemned or saved?

And what about Joshua and the Judges?
Didn’t they take the Promised Land by force?
Didn’t Constantine and the Templars
And the hero Joan of Arc have to sin
In order to be justified in God’s sight?
Yeah, war is messy and peace is preferable
But God sanctioned the crusades
Against mighty Jericho, the Holy Land,
And bands of heathens, one and all-
Or at least that’s what I heard
From the Army Chaplain Captain.


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