So Help Me God: or, You’re Welcome, Mr. Citizen: Part 3

Part 3

I suppose you saw me swinging, like a rag-doll
At the back of that shiny new M2,
Cutting down the VC like blades of grass
And smiling wide, near cheek to cheek,
That savage, deathly euphoric smile.

And I suppose you watched me drive
My rusty KA-BAR into that woman’s breast
With my face gleaming, beaming
And a propagandistic glint in my eyes.

What platoon were you in?
Maybe we crossed paths, now come to think.
Were you at Khe Sanh when the bombs fell?
Or did we meet somewhere else?

Do you think I like killing people?
Just cause they’re on the other side?
I sure as hell don’t; tears me apart
A little more goes each time-
I vomited the first, cried the second.
After that my heart just froze up.


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