So Help Me God: or, You’re Welcome, Mr. Citizen: Part 2

Part 2

You there, in your denim jacket and fancy clothes
With your even fancier college degree,
Do you really have to chastise me?
I could’ve gone too, don’t you know?
You seem like a nice enough lad but
What do you know about sacrifice?

How do you know what I’ve done and seen?
You think they just handed me an M-16
And told me: “cut down every yellow-skinned
You see and burn their homes to the ground.”

Were you on the hill where my battery stood?
Where we lobbed shell after shell
Through the air breached by the canopy
Of the sultry jungle- nearest thing to hell-
And longed for the order to cease fire?
When the storm of iron rain would let up;
When we could stop bombarding
The helpless heads of those commies?
They were men like us, who fought like us,
Hiding out there in the thick green brush
And equipped by our real enemies.


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