So Help Me God: or, You’re Welcome, Mr. Citizen: Part 1


Photo by Emily Lau

War is hell. Peace can be hell too. A soldier’s homecoming often takes more than just a day, especially for followers of Christ.

Part 1

You can call me “baby killer.”
You can call me a war monger,
Devil dog, or plain ole war criminal.
Call me evil, spit your liquid insults on me
Hell, you can parade past in your proud lines
Up and down with them bright picket signs:
“Stop the War in Vietnam,” they scream,
Demanding, “Bring Our Boys Home Now.”
“Make Love, Not War.” In bright ugly green.
Sing like a mockingbird on your megaphone,
Do you honestly think I care?  

I don’t usually bother myself cause
My momma taught me to hold my tongue
And Jesus taught me to turn the other cheek,
But I’ve got a simple question for you:
What exactly made you choose me?
Yeah, I guess I serve the white-bearded
Devil in red, white and blue,
But I’ll have you know, he chose me too.
I’m pretty tired now. I just wanna go home.


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