Happy Easter Readers!

We hope you all had a great weekend and were able to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior. But as you were celebrating, did you ever think about the first Sunday? That first Easter was not one of celebration – rather, it was filled with chaos and despair. The women at the tomb were terrified, the disciples hid, some were skeptical, and two disciples left Jerusalem to walk a lonely road to Emmaus. Meeting a lonely traveler, they told him about Christ’s crucifixion. They mourned Christ’s death and lost their confidence in Him, lamenting, “we had hoped that he was the one to redeem Israel” (Luke 24:21). We can celebrate Easter today because we can now see the beauty of Christ’s death. We can have the hope that these travelers lost because we know He is risen.

We are also excited to be in the process of finishing up our Spring 2015 Print Issue! Our writers, print editorial team and design team have been hard at work, and we are so grateful to be able to work with such amazing people, but more importantly to be able to explore the question “Who Is Jesus?” in our issue. We look forward to sharing the fruits of our labour with you in response and celebration of Jesus Christ who has conquered the grave.

In His Joy,

Pauline, Siqi & Lilian