To the Readers

Dear Readers,

As many of you may know, we launched The Columbia Crown & Cross last year as a journal of Christian thought. We aim to engage the diverse Columbia community with pressing, but often daunting questions: What should I care about in life? How do I deal with pain and loss? How can I deal with doubt, overcome despair, and share my life with friends who believe in different worldviews?

We began as a small group of students who were eager to discuss, write and publish our thoughts. In our first print issue, we were thrilled to be able to engage with a variety of writers and artists. Yet as we continued to work on the big project that is our print issues, we discovered a longing for a more casual yet equally earnest ongoing dialogue – a forum where Christians could continue to ask the above questions, struggle with doubts, sing His praises, demonstrate patience through tribulation and so much more.

As a result, we are proud to launch The Columbia Crown & Cross’s blog. We hope that it will serve as a platform for more frequent discussions as we endeavor to contribute to the academic, spiritual and communal life of our campus through seeking truth together.

We are excited for the ways the blog can engage our community with variety of posts, including testimonials, poetry, essays and articles, as well as features of artwork, photos and videos. We eagerly welcome writers and contributors who are interested in getting involved with our blog, and hope to receive many emails in our mailbox ( with questions or comments that you may have!

In Him,

Emily & Lilian
Online Editors